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With a tummy tuck in Houston, Dr. Lyos can trim away excess skin, remove unwanted flab – and reveal a slim and contoured abdomen.

New abdomen. New you.

Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and the natural aging process can take a tremendous toll on the body -- particularly the waistline. Our tummy tuck in Houston is a body contouring procedure that can minimize the effects of repeated stretching and weight fluctuations. The surgery removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall -- resulting in a flatter stomach and a thinner waistline.

What can a tummy tuck do for you?

  • Trim away excess + drooping skin
  • Remove unwanted fat
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • Tighten lax abdominal muscles
  • Create a smaller + more contoured waistline
  • Sculpt a flat + firm abdomen

Candidates: Is a tummy tuck right for you?

Our tummy tuck in The Woodlands may be the ideal way to achieve your ideal abdomen if you:

  • Want to remove stretched skin and unwanted flab from your midsection
  • Are committed to following a healthy lifestyle that will maintain your results
  • Have no plans to become pregnant or lose a substantial amount of weight
  • Are close to your ideal body weight
  • Are in good general health

Your tummy tuck options


The traditional tummy tuck in Houston is the most common version of this procedure. It involves an incision that extends from hip-to-hip and allows Dr. Lyos to remove flab and skin from the entire abdomen. This procedure often requires the belly button to be repositioned to ensure a natural outcome.


The mini tummy tuck is a less intensive option for patients who are close to their ideal body weight. With this approach, Dr. Lyos exclusively sculpts the lower abdomen, below the belly button. Because only one small incision is made, the recovery is shorter and easier when compared to other surgeries.


This approach is also known as the minimally invasive tummy tuck. It involves using a tiny camera to guide the surgery, thus eliminating the need for a lengthy incision. The endoscopic tummy tuck is best for patients with weak or separated abdominal muscles and minimal loose belly skin.


When our patients need to remove abdominal fat and “love handles,” our extended tummy tuck in Houston is performed. This comprehensive procedure requires a lengthy incision that extends behind each hip. Although the incision is quite long, Dr. Lyos places it strategically so that it can be easily hidden with clothing.

The procedure

Regardless of the type of tummy tuck you choose, this body contouring procedure will be done in the comfort of Dr. Lyos’s state-of-the-art Houston surgical center. To begin, general anesthesia will be administered to ensure that you are completely asleep and comfortable throughout the experience.

Your tummy tuck in The Woodlands will last anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the technique and the amount of tissue you’re having removed. Through discreetly placed incisions, Dr. Lyos will excise unwanted flab, tighten the underlying muscles, and trim away excess skin. In most cases, he will also detach the belly button and re-attach it to a new, more natural-looking location on the abdomen.

What to expect after surgery

Your recovery period will vary in length and severity depending on the type of tummy tuck you had performed. However, the following outlines the healing process that most of our patients experience:

Plenty of rest

Most of our clients in Houston and The Woodlands need to stay home from work for about two weeks in order to get the best tummy tuck Houston has to offer. During this time, you should rest often but walk lightly around the house as soon as you’re able to aid the healing process.

Surgical site care

You will likely have drains placed after your procedure. They will need to be emptied up to three times a day. You will also need to change your bandages several times a day and wear a compression garment to minimize swelling.


Many patients experience constipation after their tummy tucks. Drinking plenty of water and taking over-the-counter medication can relieve this effect.

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