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Thanks to recent advances in technology and improvements in technique, liposuction in Houston is more versatile and effective than ever before.

When the body has accumulated fatty deposits, it can be nearly impossible to reduce these areas with exercise and dieting as the fat cells shrink and grow with dieting. Liposuction extracts the fat cells, leaving a trimmer and more fit body profile. Dr. Lyos offers some of the best results in liposuction Houston has available.

What can liposuction do for you?

  • Sculpt contoured thighs
  • Lighten a double chin
  • Remove bulges on the hips + buttocks
  • Slim the calves + knees + ankles
  • Reveal smooth upper arms
  • Create a flat + firm abdomen
  • Minimize large breasts
  • Create a shapely buttocks

The benefits

When done correctly, our clients enjoy a host of benefits as well as among the best results in liposuction The Woodlands has to offer, including:

  • A smooth and contoured body
  • Improved appearance of cellulite
  • A healthy and happy lifestyle

Candidates: Is liposuction right for you?

You may be able to achieve your ideal body with our excellent results in liposuction Houston and The Woodlands have available through Dr. Lyos if you are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • In good general health
  • Close to your ideal body weight
  • Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Committed to maintaining your results with a healthy diet and exercise routine

Your liposuction options


The traditional tummy tuck is the most common version of this procedure. It involves an incision that extends from hip-to-hip and allows Dr. Lyos to remove flab and skin from the entire abdomen. This procedure often requires the belly button to be repositioned to ensure a natural outcome.


The mini tummy tuck is a less intensive option for patients who are close to their ideal body weight. With this approach, Dr. Lyos exclusively sculpts the lower abdomen, below the belly button. Because only one small incision is made, the recovery is shorter and easier when compared to other surgeries.


This approach is also known as the minimally invasive tummy tuck. It involves using a tiny camera to guide the surgery, thus eliminating the need for a lengthy incision. The endoscopic tummy tuck is best for patients with weak or separated abdominal muscles and minimal loose belly skin.


When our Houston patients need to remove abdominal fat and "love handles," an extended tummy tuck is performed. This comprehensive procedure requires a lengthy incision that extends behind each hip. Although the incision is quite long, Dr. Lyos places it strategically so that it can be easily hidden with clothing.

The Procedure

For most of our clients, Dr. Lyos believes the best results in liposuction The Woodlands and Houston have is either the tumescent or ultrasonic approach. In both of these cases, the procedure will be done under local or general anesthesia in our state-of-the-art surgical suite.

Once you are sufficiently numbed, Dr. Lyos will create small incisions in the treatment area. Through those openings, he will insert a cannula, moving it back and forth to break up and suction out your unwanted fat cells. During this process, a substantial amount of blood and fluids will be lost, so you will receive replacement fluids via an IV. Once your unwanted fat has been removed, Dr. Lyos will close the incisions.

What to expect after surgery

Your recovery period will vary depending on the size of the treatment area and the type of liposuction you had performed. However, here's a general overview of what to expect:

Some pain and discomfort. Some of our Houston patients experience discomfort during the first 24 hours after their procedure. However, this pain is typically mild and can be treated with medication.

Plenty of rest. You will need to get plenty of rest during the initial recovery period. However, it's important to walk around the house as soon as possible to promote healing.

Swelling. Swelling is a common side effect after even the best liposuction procedure. It can persist for several months and will need to dissipate completely before your results can be considered final.

Compression garments. During the first few weeks after your procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment to support the treatment area, promote healing and ensure a swift recovery.

Life After Liposuction

How to maintain your results

Removing fat via liposuction is no guarantee that you will not gain weight in the future. Although the cells removed during the procedure will not return, you will still gain weight in other areas. For arguably the best liposuction Houston and The Woodlands have to offer, you will need to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine moving forward to maintain your results.

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