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For men and women interested in changing the shapes of their bodies, particularly the lower body, Dr. Lyos has found that body lift surgery is increasingly popular.

Lower body lift surgery generally results in a smoother skin texture as well as a more youthful, slimmer appearance. In general, the surgery involves the removal of fat and a resuspension of the skin and soft tissues.

Three separate procedures are considered to be components of a body lift. Each may be performed separately to address specific problems, or all three may be incorporated to produce dramatic effects. To improve a saggy inner thigh, Dr. Lyos might recommend an inner thigh lift. A body lift can also be focused on elevating a saggy buttock or outer thigh.

The outer thigh and buttock lift is performed through an incision across the back, above the buttock, from hip to hip. Dr. Lyos will remove excess skin and shift the remaining skin to achieve a tighter outer thigh and buttock. An overnight stay is generally required, as well as one to two weeks of recuperation.

Incorporating the tummy tuck, the inner thigh lift, and the outer thigh and buttock lift, the total body lift produces very gratifying results. Excess skin is removed and remaining skin is tightened. A hospital stay is required, and most patients return to normal routines in three to four weeks. Body lift procedures are often combined with liposuction for maximum effect.

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