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Hair loss in men is a condition that has been around since time began. Self confidence can suffer due to the change in appearance brought about by balding. Until recently, little could be done to hide the hair loss. Although hairpieces help disguise the loss, these were and still are often very obvious, causing self-consciousness.

The natural appearance of hair transplantation is thought to be the main reason for such high satisfaction. Dr. Lyos often has patients who come in with poor expectations of what hair transplantation surgery can achieve. Transplantations now are virtually unnoticeable and the dreadful doll-plug look of several decades ago has been eliminated.

Two recent medical treatments for hair loss have shown some promise. Although these medications may result in the reduction of hair loss, the successful combined use of medicine and surgery means a new era in managing hair loss has arrived. With better surgical results due to modern micrografting technology, and less baldness progression because of effective medicines, there has never been a better time to consider treatment options. It can truly be said that baldness is optional, not compulsory.

The concept of hair transplantation has traditionally been very daunting. Perceived ideas about the results often stop people from seeking advice about surgery. However, the new advances in hair transplantation technology mean the results can look completely natural, provide high levels of satisfaction, and even be a life changing experience.

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