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Through years of facial muscle contraction, wrinkle and deep lines form in and around the mouth, eyes, lips and cheeks.

The forehead is also a main area in which wrinkles form, however, the area is best treated with Botox ® to eliminate the muscle contraction, thus smoothing out the wrinkle.

As we age, lips lose their volume and begin to thin as well as show deepening creases that are accentuated upon puckering the mouth. Restylane™ (Hyaluronic acid) can smooth facial lines, wrinkles and scars and add volume to lips, producing a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Restylane is a naturally occurring substance found in all living cells and has been used in Europe extensively for over 10 years. It is extremely safe and requires no pre-testing. It lasts twice as long as collagen however, unlike collagen, it is a pure natural product thus there is no risk of allergic reaction and therefore requires no pre-testing.

It is the filler of choice for smoothing out smile lines, marionette lines, and small wrinkles around the lips. It can also be used quite beautifully as temporary lip augmentation filler, and gives the lips an instantaneous pouty, fuller and more sensuous look.

Restylane is injected into the dermis and provides volume where the concentration of the body’s own hyaluronic acid had decreased. One of the treatment sessions takes approximately 15 minutes. The results can be seen immediately and no scars or marks are left on the face. For the majority of the patients treated, about 50 percent of the effect lasts after 6 months.

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