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Diminish Your Double Chin with the CoolMini

Excess submental fat, often referred to as a double chin, can make you look older than you really are. Until recently the only way to treat what is medically known as submental fat [double chin] was surgical with liposuction and or a neck/facelift. The CoolMini by CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA September 2015 and is one of the most exciting developments in aesthetic medicine. The CoolMini is the most advanced non-invasive fat reduction treatment dedicated for smaller areas such as the neck. MD Aesthetica and Dr. Lyos were one of the very first clinics to offer the device in Houston\The Woodlands and Texas.

The Power of CoolSculpting at MD Aesthetica

CoolMini by CoolSculpting is both safe and very effective. The device is placed under the neck for one hour. One to three treatments give dramatic improvement of neck fullness and double chin with few if any side effects. After many treatments we have found the treatment to be relatively comfortable. There is little discomfort, no swelling, no bruising, just redness which lasts a matter of minutes, and occasional numbness and a bit of tenderness afterwards. All these side effects are mild and short-lived in time.

The CoolMini Procedure

The CoolMini as with all Coolsculpting technology at MD Aesthetica works via cryolipolysis. The device against the skin [which is protected by a special gel pad] and lowers the temperature of the fat to just above the freezing point. The fat cells become irreparably damaged by the cold and get removed over time by the body through natural processes. Due to the natural elimination process results are usually seen in one to four months, and many patients benefit from a second treatment. Research shows that as much as 25% of your unwanted fat can be removed in a single CoolSculpting session. Once the CoolMini applicator is applied, the procedure takes 60 minutes. Patients are comfortable enough to take a nap or watch a movie during treatment; MD Aesthetica even provides Netflix and light snacks.

  • FDA Approved as Safe and Effective
  • The #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment
  • Reduces double chin, neck wattle, and jowls.³
  • Reduces knee fat, ankle fat, and arm pit fat in the bra area..³
  • Virtually Painless and requires minimal to no downtime.*²
  • Can see results in 1-2 visits*²
  • Non-Surgical


Cool Mini

What is the CoolMini?

CoolSculpting’s CoolMini uses freezing temperatures to provide noninvasive double chin reduction. Each CoolMini session can reduce about 20% of submental fat. *

Who is a good candidate for the CoolMini?

The ideal patient for a CoolMini procedure will be in good health, and looking to improve the appearance of bulging fatty tissue below the chin or upper neck. *

How is the CoolMini treatment performed?

Once the patient is comfortably positioned in one of MD Aesthetica’s treatment room, the provider will gently suction submental fat between the panels of the CoolMini applicator. As the panels drop in temperature, the treatment area will become numb. The CoolMini will remain in place for one hour, during which time patients can read, watch Netflix, talk on the phone, or even nap. *

Is the CoolMini painful?

Patients normally feel intense cold for the first few minutes of treatment, however the area will go numb within 5-10 minutes, and no more sensations will be felt throughout the procedure. *

How long is a CoolMini session?

Each session will last 60 minutes.

Where is the CoolMini session performed?

The CoolMini and all of the other CoolSculpting sessions are performed in a private treatment room in one of MD Aesthetica’s two flagship clinics in either Memorial City [Houston] or The Woodlands, Texas.

Will I need more than one CoolMini session?

Most people will require two CoolScultping treatments with the CoolMini for optimal results. *

Coolsculpting over millionWhat can be expected from my recovery after a CoolMini treatment?

There is no downtime after a CoolMini session. Patients are back to work and their usual activities immediately. Initially, the treatment area may be red and feel numb or tingly, but this will fade quickly. *

How long will my CoolMini results last?

Patients will start to see changes in as little as three weeks. The final results will take about two months to appear. The results from a CoolMini session are long lasting as fat cells that are treated during the procedure will not be able to regenerate. However, patients should not that they are recommended to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime as the remaining fat cells can still expand if enough calories are consumed. *

What are the potential risks of the CoolMini?/h2>

Side effects from CoolSculpting and the CoolMini are usually short in duration and can include redness, bruising, stinging, and tingling in the treatment area. More serious complication are rare but can include hyperpigmentation and late onset pain. Dr. Lyos and his certified trained staff provide the safest and most effective CoolMini procedures in Houston and The Woodlands. *

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