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Cheek implants add subtle volume to the mid-face region, creating beautiful definition.

A brand new contour that lasts

There are many ways to restore mid-face volume -- including dermal fillers, fat transfer and cheek implants. However, fat and fillers will eventually droop or dissipate, while an implant is the only option that is fixed to the cheekbones and should remain in place indefinitely.

What are cheek implants?

Cheek implants are devices that are surgically placed in the mid-face region to contour and define the area. They can be rigid or flexible, and are custom-shaped to fit your face. They have been used in cosmetic procedures since the 1950s and are considered extremely safe and effective.

What can cheek implants do for you?

  • Contour cheeks that lack definition
  • Strengthen a weak bone structure
  • Enhance a narrow or flat face
  • Sculpt a more attractive profile

Candidates: Are cheek implants right for you?

In general, Dr. Lyos recommends cheek implants to healthy men and women who have:

  • Flat cheeks
  • Prominent under eye bags
  • Hollow areas near the cheeks
  • Visible lines and wrinkles throughout the mid-face region

The procedure

Cheek implants can be placed on their own or during a complementary procedure. In both cases, the surgery will be done in our state-of-the-art Houston surgical center, usually under general anesthesia.

If your cheek augmentation is being done with a simultaneous procedure, such as a facelift or rhinoplasty, the devices can be inserted through the incisions made for those surgeries. If your cheek augmentation is being done on its own, Dr. Lyos will make small incisions in the mouth or lower eyelids.

Once inserted, the implants will be attached to the cheekbones with tiny screws. This prevents shifting and ensures that the devices remain in place. From there, Dr. Lyos will close the incisions with sutures and you will be sent home to begin the healing process.

What to expect after surgery

When you awaken from surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room where our team will monitor you closely. Your cheeks will be covered with bandages to maintain the position of the implants and keep the surgical site clean.

Your results will be apparent immediately, but they will be partly obscured by swelling and discoloration. Although these effects will disappear eventually, they can persist up to several months. During your initial recovery period, you can expect swelling, numbness and discomfort. Your ability to move your face may also be restricted. All of these side effects are common and will improve as you heal.


What are the risks?

Although cheek implants are extremely safe, complications can arise. Rarely, patients may experience a post-surgical infection that requires antibiotics. In addition, there is a slight risk that your surgeon could misplace the implant, causing asymmetry.

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