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J-Plasma is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive body contouring treatment that tightens and tones your figure.

How does J-Plasma work?

J-Plasma works by delivering helium plasma energy through several tiny incisions in the treatment area. Helium plasma is created when helium, a normally non-reactive gas, is ionized with radiofrequency energy.

When the plasma makes contact with the layers beneath the surface of your skin, it tightens instantly and encourages the production of fresh collagen, which continues to improve your skin quality and body contour over time.

  • Minimally-invasive, in-office procedure
  • Done under local anesthesia
  • Involves very tiny incisions
  • Quick + easy recovery period (1 to 3 days)
  • Extremely safe, FDA-approved procedure
  • Contour virtually any area of the body
  • Virtually no scarring
  • Instant results that get better with time

Candidates: Is J-Plasma right for you?

J-Plasma is an extremely safe and effective treatment. As such, virtually anyone who wants to tighten loose skin and contour their body is generally considered a candidate.

Common J-Plasma treatment areas

Dr. Lyos will customize your J-Plasma treatments to your body and your needs. Fortunately, this versatile approach can tighten and contour virtually any problem area throughout the body, including the:

  • Abdoman
  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Flanks

The procedure

J-Plasma is done in the comfort and privacy of our Houston office under local anesthesia. To begin, Dr. Lyos will make a series of tiny incisions in the treatment area. Through those openings, he will insert the J-Plasma device and administer controlled helium plasma energy to ti ghten and contour the skin.

After your procedure is complete, you can expect some mild swelling and bruising in the treatment area. These effects should disappear within two weeks, and you will need to wear compression garments in the meantime to support your results. Considerable post-procedure pain is uncommon, and any discomfort can be easily managed with over-the-counter medications. In general, patients are free to return to sedentary work within three days.

The Results: Tighter skin that keeps getting better.

Some skin tightening occurs immediately after the J-Plasma treatment. As such, you should see an improvement in your body contour and skin quality within two weeks, once the swelling has disappeared. There is also a dramatic improvement about three to six months post-treatment, as your body produces new, youthful collagen in response to the helium energy.

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