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Aftercare Facilities

After undergoing plastic surgery, you’ll need a relaxing place to recover as you heal. Dr. Lyos has a close relationship with three exceptional aftercare facilities, all of which provide excellent medical care after your surgery, and the ideal tranquil atmosphere you’ll need as you recover.

If you live more than 45 minutes away, Dr. Lyos requires you to stay at one of our aftercare facilities for at least one night so he can check on you to ensure your safety and comfort. To make things as easy as possible for you, our staff will arrange all of the details associated with your stay in our aftercare facilities – including booking your room, arranging for transportation to and from our office, and scheduling post-operative nursing care if needed. We go above and beyond to take care of everything – so all you have to do is focus on your recovery.

Hotel Zaza

An idyllic retreat nestled in the Memorial City District, the Hotel ZaZa offers luxury rooms and suites, exceptional service and breathtaking amenities – ensuring you feel perfectly pampered while you heal.

Houstonian Hotel

The Houstonian offers an atmosphere designed to relax and pamper guests in a serene setting unlike any other in Houston. The welcoming sense of arrival is evident from the moment guests arrive to our secluded haven tucked away within the beauty of nature which is an idyllic environment for your recovery.

Memorial Houston Restorative Suites

For patients who have undergone plastic surgery and want to recover within an actual post-surgical facility, The Memorial Houston Restorative Suites in Spring Valley is a terrific option for patients to attain comprehensive and professional post-operative care with resources that may not be available at home or in the hotel setting. MHRS is an advanced recovery center that concentrates on giving patients an experience befitting a five-star luxury hotel stay, in addition to 24-hour nursing care by a skilled and attentive staff. It is also located down the hall from Dr. Lyos office’s also making it a very convenient option for post-surgical care.

Part of MHRS mission is to “bring hospitality back to the healthcare industry,” offering a comfortable, tranquil environment where you can recover and heal in peace. Nurses at MHRS are trained in post-operative care, and they work closely with Dr. Lyos to ensure you are receiving customized care that adheres to your unique needs and overall treatment plan. MHRS values each and every guest at its facility, and wants you to enjoy a safe and stress-free recovery.

MHRS offer private rooms that contain adjustable hospital beds, LED flat screen TVs with Cable access, internet access, soft lighting and much more. Room rates at MHRA include around-the-clock nursing care, basic medical supplies, all meals and the use of all in-room amenities.

**Dr. Lyos will soon be offering Overnight Recovery in Lyos Recovery Suite. The team at Lyos Plastic Surgery offers customized medical attention along with compassionate nursing care.

Cosmetic, reconstructive and other elective medical procedures require special care and attention during the recovery period. Particularly important are the first 24-72 hours after surgery, when skilled post-operative nursing is essential for ensuring your body's healing process is at its strongest.

Guests who stay at Lyos Recovery Suite experience the most attentive and trained staff during their post-operative stay.

Our mission is to pamper you and provide tranquil, confidential after-surgery care.

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