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Producing beautiful results, a chemical peel can minimize the effects of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles over the forehead, on the cheeks, around the eyes and mouth. A chemical peel is also effective for superficial acne scars and pigmentation problems. A chemical peel produces tighter, smoother skin that is relatively free of blemishes and wrinkles, and it can leave your face looking younger, healthier, and smoother. Many times, a peel is recommended to complement other procedures such as a facelift or an eyelid lift.

The procedure utilizes a chemical solution that peels away the upper most layer of skin. The solution can be applied to problem areas or to the entire face for a full-face peel. New skin cells form during the healing process producing smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.

Two types of chemical solutions are used in the peel, TCA or phenol. TCA is used primarily for fine wrinkles and superficial blemishes. Patients recover quickly with a TCA peel and can return to normal activity in about a week. Phenol peels are used to treat deeper wrinkles, blotchy skin, or chronically sun-damaged skin. The results of a phenol peel are frequently dramatic; however, the recovery period is longer than with a TCA peel.

Depending on your specific skin type, the imperfections you wish to correct and your goals, Dr. Lyos will make a recommendation tailored to your situation. Although possibly performed in conjunction with a facelift, a chemical peel is not a substitute for surgery, nor will it prevent the aging process. The vast majority of Dr. Lyos’ patients are very happy with their results.

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