Scar Improvement Houston

While scars cannot be totally eliminated, Dr. Lyos recommends several excellent options for improvement. Possible treatments include surgically realigning the scar along natural skin line, narrowing the scar, or flattening the scar. The latest ultra-pulse laser technology also provides another method of scar improvement. The laser safely lessens the appearance of the scar, usually after a few sessions. Skin imperfections are quickly and accurately treated, layer by layer, leaving a more natural and even skin color.

Another option for elevated scars is dermabrasion, which can polish a scar to the level of the surrounding skin. Depressed or indented scars can be lessened with injections of collagen or fat. Factors such as skin tone and texture as well as the age of the scar will be evaluated during your initial treatment consultation with Dr. Lyos to determine the best method of treatment for you.

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