Lip Augmentation Houston

Full, sensuous, pouty lips are recognized now more than ever as a key element to what we consider beautiful. But, now you don’t have to be born with them to have full, sexy lips. Nor do you have to watch as plump lips thin and wrinkle due to age. Dr. Lyos uses a variety of techniques to give anyone fuller, more sensuous lips.

The simplest techniques to temporarily plump thin lips are injections of Collagen™ or Restylane™. Performed as a simple, outpatient procedures, lipstick can be applied the next day. These injectable fillers last five to six months and need to be repeated to maintain results.

For longer results with some permanent improvement, fat from another part of your body can be used to augment your lips. The procedure is performed in the office using local anesthesia. A combination of fat injections and the placement of Alloderm™ provides the most permanent method of lip enhancement.

While lip augmentation can be dramatic, the look is very natural and pleasing. No one should be able to tell that they are not the lips you were born with.

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