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Large breasts can be a burden, both physically and psychologically. Large, oversized breasts can dominate a woman’s appearance distorting proportion and even mimicking obesity. Heavy breasts can inflict breast pain, back, neck, and shoulder pain, irritation of the skin at the crease of the breast, and even numbness of the hands. Exercise can be next to impossible making weight control even more difficult. Then there are the rude comments, the stares, and the unwanted attention. These are a few of the reasons why breast reduction remains a highly sought-after procedure with an extraordinarily high patient satisfaction rating.

Breast reduction surgery is performed to accomplish three goals. First, excess skin and breast tissue are removed to lighten the heavy, sagging breasts. The breast is then reshaped and lifted. Finally the nipple areola (pigmented area around the nipple) is lifted into a more youthful position and reduced in size. The nipple remains attached to the breast and is not removed.

Good candidates for breast reduction surgery have large sagging breasts. If you are content with the size of your breasts but want to correct the sagging, then a breast lift or mastopexy may be all that is needed. Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age; however, Dr. Lyos prefers to wait until the breasts are fully developed. Breast reduction can be performed for younger women who are significantly troubled by the size of their breasts. Women in their 60s and 70s who undergo breast reduction surgery often comment on how pleased they are and wished that they had done it sooner.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so that you sleep through your surgery. The procedure will last three to four hours. You may stay overnight, but one-half of patients choose to recover in the comfort of their own home. Any pain or discomfort can be controlled with medication. Bruising and swelling subside in a week or so. Most women take a week off to recover. All sutures are removed within one to two weeks.

Breast reduction surgery results not only in cosmetically improved appearance but also in relief of some of the physical symptoms caused by large breasts. For this reason, many insurance companies cover breast reduction if it is medically necessary. Dr. Lyos’ staff will be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary preauthorization from you health insurance company.

After the initial healing process, the results of your breast reduction surgery will be immediate and dramatic. Many women note an immediate improvement in their physical symptoms and are extremely satisfied with the improved appearance making this one of plastic surgery’s most sought-after procedures.

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